Not tired of Afghan war, Taliban say

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As the US-led invasion of Afghanistan enters its seventeenth year, Taliban militants have been reported saying that they are not tired of the war at all, according to Afghanistan’s Khaama Press.

In a statement, the group called on all the American forces present in the region to withdraw, claiming that only the Taliban represented the Afghan people as a whole.

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The statement spoke at length about the Taliban’s long-term commitment to the war, insisting that they did not feel disappointed but instead had even higher morale for the continued war effort.

It also said that the Afghan nation had not become tired of war, nor will it ever become tired of it.

“Taliban remain fully committed to driving the Americans out of the country,” the statement reads.

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The group though, did not comment on the recent efforts of the international community to bring it to the negotiation table, aimed at furthering the peace efforts in Afghanistan on behalf of the Afghan government.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had called on the Taliban to opt for “ballots instead of bullets” and to renounce the use of violence as a political tool last week. Ghani has repeatedly asked the group to join peace efforts in the past.

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The Taliban statement comes merely weeks after US President Donald Trump unveiled his new strategy for the conflict-ridden South Asian region, in which he vowed to take the fight to the militants and stressed that he would continue the war until all terror groups in the country had been neutralised.

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