How 4 teens took on bullying — and won

How 4 teens took on bullying — and won

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Natalie Hampton, Sanah Jivani, Peyton Klein, and Tori Taylor share one thing in common: They all experienced or witnessed bullying as teens. 

As they tried to make sense of what they’d personally endured or watched others live through, the four young women, who didn’t know each other, ultimately decided to dedicate their teen years to bullying prevention. 

After taking time to recover from the severe bullying she experienced, Hampton built an app called Sit With Us that helps students find new friends with whom they can share lunch. Jivani, now 21, had been bullied for having a hair loss condition known as alopecia and founded International Natural Day while in high school. Klein noticed how students who spoke English as a second language were excluded and discriminated against, so she launched an after-school program to promote tolerance and friendship called Global Minds Initiative. Taylor, who’d experienced bullying, fought to bring a peer counseling program to her high school.  Read more…

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Source: Mashable | How 4 teens took on bullying — and won

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