The world needs a Beyoncé rap album

The world needs a Beyoncé rap album

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If you ask some people, DJ Khaled dropped a song on Friday morning featuring Jay-Z, Future, and Beyoncé. 

But if you ask the right people, the only person that mattered in terms of Friday releases was Beyoncé — despite the fact that she appears for less than a minute on the fragmented song that Kevin Hart promised would cause a worldwide “flatline.” Sorry, Kevin, but nah.

On “Top Off,” the first single from DJ Khaled’s upcoming album, Queen Bey stood out — not just because she’s Beyoncé Giselle Knowles — but because she raps. Rare Beyoncé bars were dropped with a ferocity that stopped the music world and made it incredibly clear that the people are dying for a Beyoncé rap album.  Read more…

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