Our 10 favorite albums of 2017

Our 10 favorite albums of 2017

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What. A. Year.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve had a lot of days that have felt like entire lifetimes. With the world literally burning and a constant stream of head-scratching headlines dampening spirits across the country, if there was any year to turn to art as a comfort, it was 2017. Thankfully, musicians delivered, offering up a bevy of self-reflective anthems, heart-wrenching lyrics and deeply personal projects. Here are some of our favorites amongst the countless albums that were released this year. 

10. Ash by Ibeyi 

The twins of Ibeyi enchant onAsh,” their second studio album. From the moment the first harmonies hit, it’s impossible not to fall under some sort of spell. There are moments that may invoke tears, others that will leave you moving, just adding another addition to the powerful year of reggaeton. The French-Cuban sisters channel their Yoruba culture throughout the project, and the album is littered with anthems that somehow simultaneously empower and soothe. Just listen to “Deathless” or “No Man Is Big Enough for My Arms” (which features Michelle Obama!) and try not to feel anything at all, I dare you.  Read more…

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