Are you brave enough for bright brows?

Are you brave enough for bright brows?

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Bright blue eyebrows aren’t just for Millhouse anymore.

Yes, “rainbow brows” are enjoying some time in the spotlight, thanks in large part to hype for an upcoming brow pomade from Kat Von D. The product, called Super Brow, will allow people with nearly any hair color (even bright, non-natural shades) to match their locks and brows — a win for anyone hoping to achieve a coordinating, monochromatic look.

To be clear, the bright brow trend isn’t new — people have been trying it out for years — but it seems poised to become more commonplace in the coming months. Honestly, why not? We deserve all the slightly subversive fun we can get, even if it just comes in the form of paint for our face hairs. Read more…

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