Trump has changed dating forever. Ugh.

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It’s been a year since Trump got elected, and a lot has, umm, changed in that time — especially our need for love.

From the get-go, Trump’s chaotic reign has forced us all to think about politics morning and night — there’s no escape, even when we’re just trying to find someone to watch Netflix with. How you see this upheaval depends on your party affiliation, but it’s clear that something has changed.

There’s new evidence to back up the shift we’ve all sensed in the ether. Data from eHarmony shows that there has been a surge of mentions of Donald Trump from its users. It first started to climb after he got the nomination, but there were notable jumps both around the time of the election and the inauguration. Read more…

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Source: Mashable | Trump has changed dating forever. Ugh.

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