Master Excel like the boss you are for less than $30

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Microsoft’s beloved WordArt feature of the 1990s helped your childhood self give homework assignments the ol’ razzle-dazzle — all under the watchful googly eyes of Clippy the Microsoft paperclip, of course. But while you were playing around with that squiggly, colorful text, Microsoft’s team was busy honing another tool that has since been deemed by Investopedia as “the most important computer program in workplaces around the world”: Excel.

While your WordArt skills may be second to none at this point, the more advanced uses of Excel spreadsheets and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) — the tool used to develop programs that control Excel — may still be pretty foreign to you. If moving up the corporate ladder is a thing that interests you, a lack of VBA knowledge could pose a problem one day. But never fear: The Microsoft VBA Bundle is here. With a year’s worth of access to its training, you’ll learn how to use VBA to automate tasks in Excel and handle data like the best of ’em — all for less than $30. Read more…

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