Operation to de-weaponise Karachi to be launched soon

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KARACHI: The federal government has decided to launch the last and final phase of the targeted operation in Karachi which envisages ‘de-weaponisation’ of the once volatile metropolis, Daily Express has learnt. The surgical operation, which was started four years back, has restored a semblance of normalcy in Karachi, the commercial hub of the country.

“In this phase, law enforcers will purge the city of illegal arms, banned groups, terrorist organisations, and financers of militant wings of political parties,” says one Islamabad-based source. “The intelligence-based operation will be launched soon.”

The source further says that the operation aims to restore durable peace in the metropolis to ensure congenial environment for the next general elections which are due next year.

Weapons recovered from Karachi’s Go Aish

The decision to mount the last leg of the Karachi operation was taken in a high-level meeting in the federal capital where participants voiced satisfaction on the gains made thus far, according to sources. The participants concurred that the operation should be stepped up and that the final phase should be launched at the earliest.

“A strategy has been devised for the final phase of the operation,” a second source says. Under the strategy, illegal weapons would be seized and their sources of supply would be dried up. Law enforcers would recover illegal arms stashed or hidden away by saboteurs and terrorists in the city on the basis of intelligence information.

Sources say that key law enforcement agencies are vetting the data on the people arrested during the operation for their affiliation with proscribed religious groups or militant wings of political parties but later freed by courts on bail. If these criminals are found involved in unlawful activities, they will be arrested again.

Weapons recovered: Two robbers taken into custody in Karachi

The agencies are also categorising suspected people area-wise who, they believe, are in know of where illegal arms are stashed or hidden.

According to sources, the agencies are also identifying financers of proscribed terror groups and militant wings of political parties. The law enforcers would cobble together a comprehensive strategy to choke sources of funds to religious and political militant groups by arresting their financers.

“Based on information gleaned from suspected terrorists currently in custody, the law enforcers will round up all those involved directly or indirectly in bankrolling terrorists and criminals in Karachi,” a third source says.

Federal authorities have decided to take strictest action against the mafias which aide or abet the criminals belonging to proscribed religious extremist groups and militant wings of political parties. The final phase of the operation will be completed as soon as possible.

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Source: Tribune News | Operation to de-weaponise Karachi to be launched soon

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