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KARACHI: In countries across the world, the notion of sanctity of the vote has always been upheld as the maker of the fate of the people. Politicians commonly make references to power of the vote through which the masses have to change their fate. However, it is shocking to see some politicians openly violating the sanctity of the vote, blatantly ignoring that it is the vote of the otherwise powerless that earns them credibility and respect. A few days ago, the Sindh Assembly speaker made derogatory remarks about voting, reflecting his views on the importance ‘vote’ holds to him. The incident is another instance explaining how and why the vote has failed to change the fate of the millions in the country. It is an irony that the ones trampling the sanctity of vote under their feet are expected to uphold democracy.

It will be futile to expect a substantive action from the ruling party in Sindh against its own party member. The Sindh government, however, must remove the provincial assembly speaker out of respect for its slain founder who has always been hailed as the flag bearer of democracy in the country’s history.

Hammad Lashari 

Published in The Express Tribune, October 21st, 2017.

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