BISP taking lead in war against stunting: Marvi

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RAHIM YAR KHAN: Minister of State and Chairperson Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Marvi Memon said that the BISP is taking lead in war against stunting.

She said this while speaking to the officials during her visit to Rahim Yar Khan. On the occasion, she was briefed on research on the effectiveness of a nutrition programme under way in the district.

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She said that research would provide a sustainable model for integrating nutrition specific and sensitive approaches to BISP, the premier national social safety net of the country, thus furthering the gains in curbing malnutrition.

Marvi added that food insecurity was a matter of high concern as 44% of children in Pakistan, 39% in Punjab and 42% in Rahim Yar Khan, less than five years of age, were stunted. “This alarming situation needs to be tackled at the earliest,” she said.

The BISP chairperson held meetings with all four groups of BISP beneficiaries enrolled in the research, where she was briefed by the field team on process of identification of beneficiaries for research.

The officials told Marvi Memon that the beneficiaries were divided into four groups.

The first group receives cash grant only, the second was provided with cash grant along with Specialised Nutritious Foods (SNF), the third one was getting cash assistance along with enhanced Behavior Change Communication (BCC), while the fourth group was being provided cash assistance, SNF and enhanced BCC.

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Marvi Memon also visited the homes of enrolled BISP beneficiaries where she inspected the follow-up and data recording mechanism. The BISP head reiterated that the results of the research would highlight the best nutrition sensitive approach and would help in addressing malnutrition, stunting and low IQ levels.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 16th, 2017.

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