‘Fake’ IB letter: Police register defamation case against unknown persons

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ISLAMABAD: Police in Islamabad have registered a case against unknown persons for allegedly preparing and airing a fake letter of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) which linked several parliamentarians to defunct and militant organisations.

The letter which was aired by ARY News a few days ago had accused 37 lawmakers, including those from the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) of having links with defunct and militant organisations.

The IB has told the police that both the letter and the letter pad were forged. The bureau had also issued a rebuttal against the alleged letter earlier.

However, the intelligence agency has now requested the police to investigate and book whoever was behind the forged letter.

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“It is submitted that on September 25 and September 27, 2017 in a TV programme, a fake/forged letter prepared by unknown accused persons on a fake letter pad of the Intelligence Bureau showing … report regarding links of 37 parliamentarians with defunct and militant organisations was aired,” the IB’s application to the police read.

It said such fake and forged documents and attributing scandalous stories to IB undermined the integrity of a sensitive state organisation. “The fabricated/forged document was purportedly prepared to cause animosity between the honourable parliamentarians and a sensitive state organisation at a time when both the sides are sincerely engaged in neautralising malicious designs of the enemies of Pakistan,” it added.

The agency said that the letter disclosed the identity of senior hierarchy of the IB and thus caused a serious security risk and endangered their lives.

The application, which was submitted by a director of the IB, said the fake letter also put the bureau in an awkward situation. “The contents of letter are highly derogatory, defamatory aimed at maligning and undermining the IB and its senior hierarchy and distracting their attention from containing terrorism and other threats to the national security,” it said and requested the police to take action against whoever forged the letter.

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“Necessary legal action may be taken against the unknown accused persons who are responsible for preparing fake, fabricated and forged document and airing it the intention to malign and undermine the Intelligence Bureau,” it added.

Following the IB’s request, Secretariat police have registered a case against unknown persons for defamation, forgery, and public mischief under Sections 505, 500, 471, 420, and 468 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Police told The Express Tribune that though the name of the TV channel was mentioned in the FIR, the case was registered against unknown persons.

Secretariat SHO Inspector Qaiser Gilani said no action had been taken on the FIR so far. When asked whether the police would also determine the role of the TV channel, he said the case would be investigated as per instructions by seniors.

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