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Learn how to invest in the stock market and make your money grow

October 5, 2017

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The Big Short didn’t exactly help me learn any more about the stock market and no amount of Anthony Bourdain or Ryan Gosling could have changed that. The stock market can be intimidating, especially when we’re trying to make some money off of our investments. Luckily, this online course on udemy could change all that.

Investing in Stocks is a 10-hour course that aims to teach both rookies and seasoned investors trade tips on how to become more confident in stock market investments. It includes entry-level to advanced information on how much you can make in stocks, what kinds of stock are worth buying, and even how to reduce your taxes and fees so that more of the money that you do make ends up with youThe lessons are supplemented by quizzes designed to solidify anything that you learn, and you can even contact the instructor or participate in online discussions with fellow students to get feedback, clarification, and discussion. Read more…

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Source: Mashable | Learn how to invest in the stock market and make your money grow

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