Islamabad, Washington need to play active role for regional peace: Asif

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Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said Pakistan and United States need to actively work to achieve common objective for durable peace in the region, Radio Pakistan reported.

Asif remarked while addressing at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington Thursday.

He said the menace of global terrorism has claimed hundreds of thousands of human lives.

“Pakistan wishes to build partnership for a secure and prosperous future and to defeat forces of disarray,” said Asif who is visiting the US on the invitation of Secretary of States Rex Tillerson.

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Islamabad, he went on to say, considers itself as the long standing friend of the United States and friends need to revitalise and refresh their friendship from time to time. “Our relationships are underpinned by certain shared values.”

“Achieving peace and security in Afghanistan is critical for lasting peace in the region,” he added.

The foreign minister also met Secretary of States Rex Tillerson on Tuesday in Washington. According to Foreign Office statement, the United States underlined the importance of Pakistan’s critical role for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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The high-level talks were held against the backdrop of simmering tensions between Islamabad and Washington. Pakistan is upset over Trump’s new roadmap for Afghanistan which on the one hand seeks a greater role for India in the region and on the other hand questions Pakistan’s credentials in the fight against terrorism.

“This was made possible because Pakistan has pursued zero-tolerance and indiscriminate approach in its campaign against all terrorist and militant groups,” Asif told the top US top diplomat.

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