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7 times 'Rick and Morty' absolutely nailed gaming culture

October 4, 2017

Rick and Morty and video games go together like Tammy and Birdperson. Only without the blood-soaked betrayal and stuff.

The show is chock full of gaming references. But it’s more than just cheap gags to entice a millennial audienceRick and Morty has proven to be one of the most gaming-literate shows on TV right now. 

These jokes not only intimately understand the games they’re referencing, but also the culture surrounding them. Predominantly, this comes from co-creator Justin Roiland’s well-known love of gaming, which is so strong he opened up his own VR studio called Squanch Games (previously Squanchtendo). Read more…

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Source: Mashable | 7 times 'Rick and Morty' absolutely nailed gaming culture

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