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The sextech revolution will not be crowdfunded

October 3, 2017

Alex Fine, CEO of the sextech company Dame Products, knows better than most just how effective crowdfunding can be. Last year, her tiny startup made history with the first sex toy ever to be featured on Kickstarter.

“Crowdfunding is incredibly validating,” she said. “If you want to know if you have a good idea, crowdfunding can help you figure that out.”

Turns out, she did have a good idea, and the money her company raised has allowed her to turn it into a reality.

That’s exactly the kind of dream that the rise of the crowdfunding economy promised – the democratization of supply and demand. But when it comes to raising money for sex toys, many entrepreneurs have found that the reality of crowdfunding is the opposite of dreamy Read more…

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Original Post: The sextech revolution will not be crowdfunded

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