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It Runs In The Family: Shumailah And Amara Bukhari

October 3, 2017

Sister duo Shumailah and Amara Bukhari talk sisterhood. From what they were punished for most as children to all their antics while growing up, these sisters share it all

What’s your first memory of each other?

Shumailah: Amara was the cutest, heaviest baby in the house. I remember when anyone visited us; we siblings always asked them “Would you like to see a cute baby?”.

Amara: I don’t remember the first one but my personal favourite has to be when we would go on vacation she would do this mini photo shoot. The props would include cars, statues, umbrellas anything and everything at all.

What is the craziest thing you have done together?

Shumailah: I was obsessed with fringes as a child. One day a friend was over and wanted her waist length hair to be short like Amara’s. To get a straight line I cut the fringe an extra inch and a half. We couldn’t send her back home looking like that.

Amara: That probably has to be the one. When she had to go home after Shumailah said to me “don’t tell mom she wouldn’t notice” I told her mom can see the front of her face! Maybe we can ask her to put a sun cap on.

What did you get punished for the most as a child?

Shumailah: We have our fair share of regrettable decisions but our parents never punished us. Bribe and positive reinforcement is the word.

Amara: We never really had discipline issues. We were quite a bunch but pretty tamed.

If you could only wear one piece of clothing for the rest of your life, from the others closet, what would it be?

Shumailah: Probably her grey exotic skin pumps.

Amara: Her athleisure collection. It looks so comfortable!

If you could swap places with each other, what’s the first thing you would do?

Shumailah: I would definitely want to make healthier lifestyle choices and snack the healthy way. I would sleep enough and pick some form of exercise.

Amara: Shumailah is super warm and welcoming and can strike a conversation with anyone really. I’d definitely keep myself in check when talking to strangers.

What is the one thing you love about your sibling?

Shumailah: She loves celebrating just about everything big, small, significant and silly. There is a cake for every ‘Enjoy the moment’ occasion.

Amara: Her humour! She can make the best of the worst situations with her humour. We all would be laughing like a couple of crazy people.

If you are fighting with each other, how do you make up?

Shumailah: We don’t fight, and if we have a difference of opinion we are patient with each other and talk it out.

Amara: I rarely remember a time that we have actually fought. If we don’t agree on something we let each other be and after couple of minutes we’d be in sync and back to normal. 

What is the one secret talent your sibling has, that you wish you did too?

Shumailah: She is an amazing cook.

Amara: Story telling for sure!

Describe your sibling in three words:

Shumailah: Reliable, loving and trendy.

Amara: Witty, upbeat and empathetic.

Which fictional character is your sibling most like?

Shumailah: Birthday Bear from Care Bears.

Amara: Rachel from Friends.

How are your personalities similar?

Shumailah: Our taste is quite similar but our interests are very different.

Amara: We have similar taste in almost everything: interiors, cars, clothes, accessories food etc. While shopping we always pick the same pieces but that doesn’t stop us from going shopping together.

I can’t live without my brother/sister because…

Shumailah: Amara means the world to me. We have shared and experienced so many things in life that it’s impossible for me think of anything without her being right by my side.

Amara: Shumaila is my best friend my favourite travel companion and my partner in crime for everything. Honestly I’d be damn bored if I had to live without her.

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