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Raging wild boar wreaks havoc in Japan, injuring three

October 2, 2017

TOKYO: A wild boar spread havoc in a peaceful residential area in southern Japan, upending a man in a wheelchair, biting two pensioners and smashing into both a motorbike and a car, police said.

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At least three people were injured in Sunday’s rampage in Sasebo city before the boar, measuring 1.2 metres (3.6 feet), was stopped by a local man wielding a golf club and, eventually, police shooters. During the wild animal’s eight-hour reign of terror it charged at a motorbike, attacked a 59-year-old wheelchair-bound man, and bit an 89-year-old woman on her left thumb and arm, Sasebo police official Yasutaka Urago told AFP.

It also “smashed into a small car, and before getting caught late in the afternoon, bit a 78-year-old man”, a member of the local hunting club who tried to stop the beast. The woman and the man in a wheelchair both suffered broken fingers. A local man then set about the animal with a golf club before police shot it dead.

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“I hit it hard” with an iron club, said the local hero. “I came out to help when I saw the animal biting her on her arm,” he told public broadcaster NHK.

Wild boars have increasingly been sighted in Japan’s mountainous countryside cities, as observers say the over-development of the mountains has deprived them of their habitat.

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